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Pastor, Teacher, Tour Guide

In 2012, Danielle co-founded Spark Church with her husband Kevin Neuner. Spark is a unique congregation, centered on core values, with a mission of Inspiring People to Live The Way of Jesus.


Co-Founder, Lead Pastor

In 2008, Danielle founded "Come and Learn To Walk" Israel-In-Depth Study tours. These trips focus on the historical and cultural context of the Bible, immersing participants in a life-transforming experience with the land and geography of the Biblical stories.


Tour Guide, Teacher

In partnership with Rabbi Ari Cartun, Danielle co-hosts the "A Rabbi & A Pastor Walked In" podcast. These conversations tackle a variety of issues, and model the promise and hope of multi-faith conversations and relationships. 



שמע ישראל

יי אלהנו יי אחד

ואהבתה את יי אלהיך

בכל לבבך ובכל נפשך ובכל מאדך

ואהבתה לרעך כמך


Setting The Stage


The Grand Narrative

God In High Fidelity


How To Study The Bible


Gotta Love It: Lessons From the Desert


Legacy of Faith: Words Create Worlds


Spark Cast (sermon cast of Spark Church)


A Rabbi and A Pastor Walked In



Legacy of Faith: Discipleship


Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Fuller Theological Seminary

Bible, Theology, Youth Ministry

San Jose Christian College (now William Jessup University)

Hebrew Thought, Rabbinics, & Historical Geography

Jerusalem University College, Israel

Spiritual Guide Training with Mark Yaconelli

Youth Ministry | Bel Air Presbyterian Church

Youth Pastor | Calvary Lutheran Church

Executive Team Pastor, Children's Ministry | Abundant Life Christian Fellowship

Founding Pastor | Spark Church

Israel Tour Guide | TTWMK

Founder | Come And Learn To Walk Israel-In-Depth Study Tours

Ambassador/Speaker | Bay-Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition

Advisory Board | Biblical Language Center


"Jesus' Reference to Folklore and Historical Events"

Jerusalem Perspective Online



Danielle speaks on Christianity, the Bible, Jewish and Christian intersections, the Church, Israel, and anything else pertinent to following in the Way of Jesus. She leads public and private study tours to Israel, and consults with churches and ministries on these topics as well.


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